Niagara Car Appraisals & OSAP Car Appraisals

Does Momo Cars Offer Vehicle Appraisal?

Yes we do! Just another way for us to deliver the best value for students by students and for the local community. We offer OSAP appraisals for students as well as standardized appraisals for everyone that wants to know the most accurate value of their vehicles. Please fill in the form below and we will try our best to help you!

OSAP Appraisal - $75


If you are currently on OSAP or applying for it, any vehicle registered to your name is considered an asset and must be informed to the ministry in your OSAP application. You are allowed to own a vehicle valued at up to $5,000.00 without it affecting your OSAP funding amount. OSAP takes the “Blue book” value of your car when you provide the information to determine its value. If you would like to appeal the “Blue book” value, you need to get an Appraisal. That’s where we can help!


This tool is to determine the true value of the vehicle based on condition, history, mileage, and any previous major fixtures in comparison to the Kelly “Blue Book” value.

Private Sale Appraisal - $65


You must pay sales tax when you buy a used vehicle privately. The amount of tax is on either the purchase price or the vehicle’s wholesale value, whichever is more. If you paid less than the wholesale value and believe the value of the car given its condition is even less then the wholesale value, then you can get an official appraisal done to prove it.


We will do an appraisal of your vehicle and take into account its condition, its accident history, mileage, upgrades and much more to determine its true value.

Trade-In Estimate

Find out how much your trade-in vehicle is worth. Our trade-in estimate tool uses data from industry leading partners, giving you relevant and robust vehicle valuations.